Python Interview Questions

Who all are the user of the Python Programming?

Ans: Python programming is not only for the IT developers, it is mainly used by professionals who are working in Finance domain, Analytics, Data Scientists, Researchers and IT Developers etc.

Q1. Is Python High level or low level language?

Ans: Python is a high level language as other programming language C, C++, Java, Scala etc.

Q2. What do you mean by low level language?

Ans: Low level language which can be understood by underline machine, you can say machine language or assembly language are low level language. And computers can run the program which is written in low language only.

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Q3. How high level language are executed by computers?

Ans: High level language are first needs to be converted to low level language e.g. Java Virtual Machine does of java language. This is an extra step which makes executing code slower compare to low level language.

Q4. What are the benefits of high level language?

Ans : Writing program using high level language can have following advantages.

- Easier to program

- They are portable, e.g. write program on Windows OS that can be executed on IOS without any or very less change. In case of low level language, you have to write program again for different OS.

Q5. How high level language are converted to low level language?

Ans: There are two way by which high level languages are converted into low level language.

- Interpreter

- Compiler

Q6. What is interpreter?

Ans: It does not do lot of conversion, it reads the program and directly execute on the computer. Hence, this is relatively faster than compiler.

Q7. What is compiler?

Ans: Compiler reads your program written in high level language e.g. Java Code and it is known as source file and once source file is compiled it will be converted into object code(also executable). This executable need not be converted in any other form. Now you will have run time environment where you can run this executable on any operating system.

Q8. Is Python an Interpreter or compiler language?

Ans: Python is an interpreter language. Hence, it is not required to be compiled and then executer (as in case of Java you have to do this).

Q9. What is the extension of the Python source file?

Ans : Python source file has .py extension like , is a python file.

Q10. What all types of errors in a Python program?

Ans: There are mainly three types of errors.

- Syntax Error: It is any syntactical error in the program. E.g. (8.value, is not correct)

- Runtime Error

- Semantic Error

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